Parr Creek Custom Cakes has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. My best friend and husband has made my dream come true,  with lots of the help from my son.  Thank you Bryan! 
My recipes were founded on my mothers  German recipes, as well as my mother in laws, Croatian recipes. (Lillian Swanson) These recipes were handed down from many generations.
The newest generations of my family also has a love for baking; 
it is a family venture as you might notice. My grandson Wyatt, pictured right in his little chefs hat, is one of the them. He seems to be sampling some of grandmas goodies. Katie is  my oldest grand daughter and she is holding "Big Bertha" one of my many rolling pins that I have in my kitchen.  Karlee her sister, uses her great gramma Tillie's rolling pin to make some delicious recipe.
Our Country home,
were we live, is a licensed kitchen and is located in the heart of the Judith Mountains.
I invite you to browse my web page, meet my family and see just how much I enjoy baking.  Everything is homemade, handmade and everything on my cakes are edible.
Dorothy Swanson

My Yellow Rose, Jo!

The two most influential  woman in my life. They are now my guardian angels who watch from above. My sister Jo and my mother Tillie.

My Red Rose "Mom" Tillie

My husband, and I,
Leroy and Dorothy Swanson

Dedication of my Kitchen

This dedication goes to four special women . Two are my guardian angles, and two are a daily influence in my life. Without them there would be no Parr Creek Custom Cakes and Bakery.  So lets start with Mandy and Crystal. With out you two I would have no "girl talks" to share my ups and downs with.
My guardian angles, who are  my Sister Jo. (Jo-Ann Kananen) She encouraged me, to no end to take on the task, to complete my classes and to continue with them on-line.  To my mom, who taught me everything.
Besides these wonderful women I must thank again, Leroy my husband,  Dan & Bryan my son's, and Tyler my son- in-law.  Thank you all for your patients, your carpentry work, painting skills,  and most of all, for believing in me.

Why the roses?  The yellow rose; my sister loved yellow roses. She always said,  "Never to give up. Especially on your dreams!".  Most of all,  she too, believed in me. Jo fought a gorgeous battle with cancer.  She was a fighter.
The red rose; my mother loved red roses.  "Tillie" (Matilda Pentecost),   taught me everything about baking. I think it was the only thing I truly ever listened to.  She and my sister were  both  old fashioned kinds of cooks.  Mom cooked at our hometown hospital, she was famous for her caramel rolls, something I have inherited.  This recipe has been handed down for many generations.  I will hand it down to my daughter, than to my granddaughters.  Jo and I spent many Christmas's with mom making candy and cookies.  I will miss those times.
The butterfly, well this idea came from my daughter-in-law, Crystal. Therefore, my next   dedication goes to my daughters Amanda Moe and Crystal Swanson.
Amanda and Crystal- they are my "up" when I am down.  Mandy keeps me grounded and keeps me going.  Like an ever-ready battery, her unconditional love (and tough love) is an inspiration and a pick me up when I need it. Crystal, my favorite daughter-in-law, who graced us by coming into our lives when she was in second grade, married our son and has been my most trusted friend for many years.  She is my little social butterfly.  (Ironically she used butterflies at her wedding.)
"Love is like a
butterfly, a rare and gentle thing."  So you see that is why I put a butterfly on all my cakes. 
It is a reminder to my family, and all my grandchildren, j
ust how rare our love and how  strong our commitment to our family is.
My Grandson's Barrett and Wyatt Swanson.  All ready to help their mom Crystal with some baking.
Looks like my grand daughter Katelin Hullmann is getting serious with the flour....again,  So what are you making Katelin?  Besides a mess...
Jaxon, "Moe Man" # 2 is going to a BBQ man just like his dad What a handsome dude!

Looks like my grand daughter Karlee Moe is getting ready to roll out some pie dough!

My Butterflies

My two Son's.  Bryan, who is my guiding light and Daniel who is my North Star. My son's have taught me to be strong and never give up no matter how bleak it looks.They  taught me to stand up for what I believed in .There is always light at the end of the tunnel.
Tyler, The Moe Man, The wonderful son-in-law, You have always supported me, and sometimes carried me through it. Even when I was bad.

My daughter Mandy. My best friend, who keeps me forever charged. My daughter -in-law and friend, and sounding board, Crystal who keeps my feet on the ground. You are my Girls!